Kyoungha Lee
  • 이경하-내려오는사람,97x97cm, charocoal and oil on canvas, 2014
    이경하-내려오는사람,97x97cm, charocoal and oil on canvas, 2014
  • 이경하-내려다보는 사람, 160x320cm, charcoal & oil on canvas, 2014
    이경하-내려다보는 사람, 160x320cm, charcoal & oil on canvas, 2014
  • 이경하_풍경1_charcoal & oil on canvas_130x130cm_2018
    이경하_풍경1_charcoal & oil on canvas_130x130cm_2018
  • 이경하_풍경4_charcoal & oil on canvas_72.5x72.5cm_2018
    이경하_풍경4_charcoal & oil on canvas_72.5x72.5cm_2018
  • 이경하_풍경6_charcoal & oil on canvas_72.5x72.5cm_2018
    이경하_풍경6_charcoal & oil on canvas_72.5x72.5cm_2018
  • 이경하_풍경7_charcoal & oil on canvas_65x65cm_2018
    이경하_풍경7_charcoal & oil on canvas_65x65cm_2018
  • 이경하,_풍경5_중외공원,_72.5x72.5cm,_캔버스에_목탄과_유채,_2018
  • 갤러리밈 전시이미지_이경하
    갤러리밈 전시이미지_이경하
  • 갤러리밈 전시이미지_이경하
    갤러리밈 전시이미지_이경하

이경하 Kyoungha Lee



The Department of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Korea, BFA

The Department of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Korea, MFA

Korean literature& language, Ewha women’s University, Korea, BA


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Apr, Salon de H gallery

2012 Oct , Ujung art center

2011 Aug , Pyogallery south

2009 Jan , Gallery LaMer,

Mar extended exhibition, The street gallery, GS gangnam tower, Seoul


Group Exhibitions

2019 gallery GURU

<11 Pleasures>, gallery chung

, gwangju lotte gallery


, Baekhak museum

, Lee Kyoungha, Lee Manna Duo show, Make gallery

Lee Kyoungha, Kim Jeimin Duo Show, gallery meme

, Known Ulgiro

2017 , Seoul museum

     , superior gallery

2016 < SOMA Drawing: Mindfull, Mindless>, SOMA Museum

      , Miboo Art center

2015  , Boklim building

, Ilwoo space

, Pyogallery L.A.

, nonbat gallery

2014  , duo exhibition, gallery fourwalls

      , duo exhibition, gallery chung

      , 2nd new artist project, 63 Sky art museum

2013  , janghung art park

, gold coast art gallery, Gold coast, Austrailia

, Hangil gallery

, artspaceH

      ,gallery eppoch

2012   ,Ujung gallery

,Bookhouse gallery

        , bentz auto gallery

2011 , gallery art factory

 st party> ujung gallery

, 126st. mansion

, white block gallery

Hyundai Motors&Pyogallery

 , vit gallery, Seoul


2010  , guemsan gallery

 , Hakgojae gallery

   duo exhibition, Gallery Eon, Seoul

 , Kepco Plaza gallery, Seoul

  trio exhibition, Gallery LVS, Seoul

2009  IYAP 2009 IYAP2009(Interalia young artist promotion,

inter-alia art company, Seoul

  Leekyoungha&Oheunjung ,duo exhibition, Pyogallery Seoul

      , Sempyo Space, Icheon, Kyungkido


           Avenual Lotte Art gallery, Moonwha ilbo gallery, Seoul



2013 Selected for Exhibition ‘Sky Art New Artist Project’

2012 Janghung artelier residency

2011 Ujung residency

2010 Soma drawing center archive registry artist

2010 Pyo gallery new&rising artist award prizewinner



National museum of modern & contemporary art, korea

Eulji Universiy Medical Center

POSRI, Samsungdong, Seoul

Rafarge halla cement

Tomato Mutual Savings Bank


Artist’s Note


There is a fear I sometimes face as I live on. As I sit on the sea shore alone gazing at the waves endlessly breaking against the land, or when I suddenly discover that there is no one around me in a summer forest and I hear all sorts of noises from nature amidst the silence, I feel this fear. When I was very young, there was a time when I was playing in the sea floating on a rubber tube. There was this moment that I had went a little further out, and could see nothing but water around me. Thinking that no one would know even if I just disappeared, I rushed back to the beach shivering in terror. I wanted to paint the waves, which had completely overwhelmed me at the time.

I wanted to paint the waves as an endlessly moving and alive, but never changing existence, rather than something with specific shape, direction and temporality. The characteristics I wanted to reveal could only be represented by extracting a certain essential aspect of the object called waves. It seemedthat if I represented the waves with a certain kind of blue, or depicted them realistically, they would no longer move, but just become fixed in the appearance of an instant. My objective was not to paint the waves at a particular beach of the East Sea, but to paint the waves themselves, which have been there since the beginning of Earth. Charcoal was the appropriate material to reveal such intention. The image created by endlessly repeating the process of rubbing on and erasing acquired the properties of drawing, making the object less stationary. Moreover, by eliminating colors, I thought I could capture the more essential appearance of the subject, making particular aspects of time or concreteness disappear. I use charcoal to draw the spaces forming the backgrounds of my works, such as the sea, grass fields, forests, sky, trees and land. The work is then completed by arranging human figures or objects on this background with color painting, to create a certain narrative. The stories I create through the positions, sizes and acts of the human figures in the works have gradually changed since 2008.

The people in the paintingsblankly gaze at gigantic nature,appearing as little dots on a vast land spreading out endlessly, or silently walk along their given paths, undaunted by the fierce storm. Sometimes I would paint construction workers building something on the background of nature, or paint workersapplying a very artificial colors to an empty space filled with clouds. By creating a sense of difference on the picture-plane, made by the clash between the human figures and nature, I intended to show the stark contrast between the artificial and natural, the finite and infinite, eternity and moment. Since 2014, I have minimized the contrasting effect of humans and nature, significantly reducing the size of the human figures, while increasing the proportion of the background. Rather than striving to make the figure stand out against the background space, I let itget absorbed in the space. The figures were very small, but portrayed to have individuality and each engaged in his/her activity.I wanted to show even if life has given itself to gigantic cosmic order and the flow of time, the life of an individual goes on with its own independent narrative, no matter who it is.

Recently I have been paying attention to the grass sprouting from the land, growing, disappearing and growing back. Rather than theindividual grass leaves themselves, it was the endless loop of circulationthat touched my heart—the way new sprouts would emerge from the soil, grow for a while, and then become dry pieces of straw. For me, nature is eternity, immortality and infinity. By making a barren ground and coloring in new sprouts and dead leaves, I wanted to reveal the immortal energy being repeated eternally in nature and the universe. The grass symbolizes humans and all finite things that disappear. But as they are endlessly reborn, they will eventually become one with the nature in the background, which is immortal. 


2009 서울대학교 서양화과 대학원 졸업
2005 서울대학교 미술대학 서양화과 졸업
2000 이화여자대학교 국어국문학과 졸업

2014 <보통의 풍경>, 살롱드에이치 갤러리

2012 <부표들>, 유중갤러리

2011 , 표갤러리 사우스

2009 , Gallery LaMer, 신진작가 창작지원전시

,The street gallery, GS 강남타워

2019 <검은 회화전> 갤러리 구루

<11가지 즐거움>, 청화랑

<마음산책>, 광주 롯데 갤러리

2018 <광주신세계미술제 선정작가전>, 광주 신세계갤러리

<몽테소사이어티: 오늘을 그리다>, 백학미술관

<벽과 땅>, 이경하, 이만나 2인전, 메이크갤러리

<이 바닥에서 살아남기> 김제민, 이경하 2인전, 갤러리밈

, 아는 을지로

2017 <회화에서 회화로>, 시안미술관

<공감의 공간, 위로를 나누다>, 슈페리어갤러리

<까페-소사이어티>, 서울미술관

2016 <소마 드로잉:무심>, 소마드로잉센터

<부산한 전시>, 미부아트센터, 부산

2015 , 복림빌딩

, 일우스페이스

, Pyogallery L.A.

, 헤이리 논밭갤러리

2014 , 이경하,권인경2인전, 갤러리포월스

, 이경하,임태규2인전, 청화랑

<낯선공간, 낯선풍경>, 63스카이아트 미술관 뉴아티스트 프로젝트 전시

2013 , Gold coast city gallery, Austrailia

, 장흥아트파크


, artspaceH

,갤러리 에뽀끄

2012 <六感>, 유중갤러리

, 북하우스 갤러리, 헤이리

2011 <어떤 연극2>, 아트팩토리

<경계집단>展 인터알리아 아트스페이스

st party>,유중갤러리 개관전

, 126st. mansion

, white block gallery, 헤이리

展 현대자동차&표갤러리, 부산

, 빛갤러리, 사간동

2010 , 금산갤러리, 헤이리

<직관intuition> , 학고재 갤러리

re not there>, 이경하, 박상희 2인전, Eon gallery

, 한전아트갤러리 공모당선전

New vision-현실과 이상전, 이경하, 신소영, 김미정 3인전, gallery LVS

2009 New&Rising Artist Award , 이경하&오은정 2인전, Pyogallery Seoul

해석에 반대한다>展인터알리아 아트스페이스

<이인이각>, 샘표 스페이스

<삼각형 드라마코드-현실과 이상의 간극>애비뉴엘 롯데 아트 갤러리, 문화일보 갤러리


수상 및 선정

2013 63스카이아트미술관 New Artist Project 신진작가 선정. ()한화63시티

2012년 장흥아뜰리에 입주작가

2011년 유중재단 레지던시 입주작가

2009 Soma drawing center 4 archive등록작가 선정

2009 IYAP(Interalia young artist promotion)

2009 New&Rising Artist Award by Pyo gallery seoul prizewinner




Goldcoast city gallery, Austrailia


라파즈 한라시멘트

포스코 경영연구소


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